Masonic Tie & Collar

Masons compass and square
Masons compass and square

The tie and collar is a Masonic symbol. It forms a letter M. With the point of the knot being the central point in the letter. Also the tie pin, is the set square. As when open, it is the correct angle of a set square. The tie pin is also placed where? Above the third button of the shirt. With each button denoting the degree symbol. So we have the M, set square and third degree making three 3’s or 33 so a fourth 3 which is a set square too! As well as being a pyramid. Along with the pocket watch which is a compass as it points to a tackymeter. As in tacking a course. Or time travel. As in you wear the tie and collar and you’re a slave to time. Which someone via the electronic implant is trying to make out is Masonic.

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