Transhumanism Trojan Horse Threat!

Trojan Horse
Transhumanism Trojan Horse Threat!

If you read the following links info

It makes out that the implants are for our benefit. Well it is worse than the movie i Robot.


As the implant is hidden inside us, not inside a machine. You think that they don’t watch the same films as us. Then think that it’s a good idea to implement the things that are mentioned in them?

The electrical prescriptions (ElectRx) claims that it’s going to fundamentally change the way that doctors diagnose, monitor and treat injury and illness. DARPA plans to develop an implantable device similar to a pacemaker which would be intelligent enough to constantly monitor the body and give feedback and stimulate the organs to maintain health.

Darpa Electric Prescription

After detecting problems in the organs it would send signals to the bodies nerves to encourage healing. The current neuromodulatory devices are about the size of a pack of cards. With the DARPA developed ones being small enough to be deployed with a needle.

They claim that before it can become a reality. That they need to develop novel biosensors and techniques that would allow them to target individual nerve clusters which control organs. So it is thankfully someway off according to their own public claims.

These implantable devices are being miniaturised to make them undetectable to most medical personal. Meaning that the Targeted Individual would have no way of pinpointing exactly where and what was going on. If the devices were ever turned into torture compliance mode by shutting down organs. Knowing the psychopaths which exist in the world today. It is just another device that has unstated aims and objectives.

More info on what the real agenda with implants is can be read in the following patent application

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