Injectable Brain Implant Can Record and Stimulate Individual Neurons

Brain electronic mesh
Brain electronic mesh

A team of Harvard researchers has announced the creation of a flexible nanowire mesh with nanoscale electrodes/transistors placed at each wired junction. The mesh is soft and malleable and spacious, allowing it to naturally incorporate into the brain and invite nearby cells to organize and position themselves in close proximity.

The mesh is delivered via an injection into the brain. With the designers hoping to make it communicate wirelessly as well. Nanowires connecting the mesh to computers can either record brain activity or stimulate nearby neurons. The team tested 16 component implants on mice. They recorded and stimulated individual neurons and found no indication of an immune response. The body did not reject them after five weeks.

Brain mesh in mouse
Brain mesh in mouse

The team hopes to eventually link the mesh up to several sensors and stimulate neurons directly. So where is this all headed I hear you shout. If your depressed just a few tweaks of a dial and then you don’t feel depressed any more. The reinforcement of memories. The erasing of memories. Scarry stuff. To think that they could do untold changes at the flick of a switch to your brains processing and storing of information. Leading to a wireless way to hack your brain. Attacking all of the functions it carry’s out and regulates.

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