Biohackers are turning to the black market for BRAIN implants

Telepathic Brain Implant
Telepathic Brain Implant

The transhumanist 2016 United States presidential candidate Zoltan Istvan is hitting the headlines yet again. In a Daily Mail article he is mentioned as saying that he knows of two people who are actively engaged in searching for someone to install neuro implants.

Which would allow them to communicate via their thoughts. He predicts that this will be widespread in 20 years time. That humans will be able to directly communicate with Artificial Intelligence with their minds.

He is a dangerous man as in his utopian transhumanist world there is no danger from the merging of technology with humans to create cyborgs. He in fact predicts that, people will soon be electing to have surgery, to remove one of their fully functioning eyes. To be replaced with a robotic eye, which will enable them to see toxic gases.

‘This is the beginning of the hive mind, where everyone is interconnected to one another. I have friends who are buying tickets to Central America to perform this kind of surgery.’

The outspoken conspiracy theory author and public speaker David Icke has just last week in a Big Issue interview come out and said that:-

“What this has all been heading towards is ‘implantables’, where the devices are inserted under your skin and start to affect human consciousness from a central grid,”

David Icke
David Icke

The Queen is a giant shape shifting Lizard exposer goes on to say that:-

“The people in charge have always been massively outnumbered and their greatest fear is the human race waking up, but once they’re able to alter our thought processes from a central computer it’s game over.

“That’s the biggest threat we’re facing over the next few years.”

Istvan goes on to say that the duo seeking the operation to implant the communication devices have been searching for three years now. In eastern Europe and Honduras is where it is expected that the procedures will be carried out.

‘This practice is very new, but nearly all biohackers have shown interest in brain implants and neuroprosthetics, the ability to commune with AI is almost like the Holy Grail for the community.’

Istvan has already had an implant put into his hand and is a volunteer for this sort of brain surgery too. He believes that the more connected we are the more peaceful and prosperous we will become. The technology is in the early days right now, but the procedure could become widespread in the next 5-10 years. It uses electroencephalogram (EEG) to work.

I will add here that this technology although it sounds amazing it is a living hell to live with. There is no firewall to your mind and no volume control to the voice and sounds you hear. It is pure hell on earth and is debilitating and energy sapping to the extreme. The life of a Targeted Individual is hell.

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