Sword Wielding Robots

Robot wielding Sword
Robot wielding Sword

Well that’s it. The results are in. We have failed the test. The stupidity test. Some researcher called Tobias Kunz at Georgia Tech programmed a robot to see humans as adversaries. Can anyone see where this is heading? Are they not aware of just what will happen when the man with a white cat gets hold of this technology?

I’m sure that they want to die the most terrible way possible. That they’re suicidal in their desire to create a robot that views us humans as the enemy. Well in the video’s below there is a whole load of morons who have gone and programmed robots to use a sword. What possible benefit is there, to a robot using a sword? NONE! I shout out loud. Except as a more refined killing machine.

Robot Lightsaber Duel

Students create Jedibot

Robots Katana fight

BUSHIDO Industrial Robot PROJECT

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