Bill Gates Foundations’ Birth Control Chip

Birth Control Chip
Birth Control Chip

In a move that has set alarm bells ringing in this mans head. The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is about to start trials of its Birth Control Chip. A device that is 20mmx20mmx7mm in size and implanted in a recipients body in their hip, arms or back. The device lasts for 16 years as it is filled with enough hormones to stop reproduction for an extended period only dreamed of in our brave new world.

Now that the devices development secret is no more. They’re searching right now for volunteers to assist in the Beta stages of the testing process, starting towards the end of this year. Professor Robert Langer, from Massachusetts Institute of Technology is in charge of the project. It has been three years in development now and will be another three years before it is ready for market. The Bill Gates foundation funded the research and development of the implant.

The hormones on the chip are to be 1.5cm in size and the chip is hacker proof. Meaning that people won’t be able to alter the amount of hormones delivered. (See where its going here) Or alter the information that the chip contains. 30 micrograms of the stored hormones will be released daily into the body stopping unwanted pregnancy’s. The release of hormones will be done by melting a part of solid hormonal stock using a small electric shock which won’t be noticed by the implanted. This device is earmarked for use in Africa.


It is envisaged that the chip will enable couples to better plan their families. With pinpoint accuracy and changes of hormones levels being done with a simple update. Can no one see where this is going? In the UK we have the HPV vaccination program for teenage girls. How long before the insist on all 11 year olds having one of these implanted?

How long before they are also used like tags are used now for criminals? Will there be a time when as a part of court sentencing women are routinely banned from getting pregnant. Why not use them in all cases of Social Services placing a child on the at risk register or into care, so as to prevent any future children from being placed at risk? The risk is to all of us. Somewhere in the world there is someone mad enough or power crazed enough to want this authority, mark my words.

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