Virtual Reality Rape

Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality

According to of the international business times there is a new threat to us all in the emerging transhumanist world. It is Virtual Reality rape. VR rape is no laughing matter.

Transhumanism has enabled scientists to

connect directly to your nervous system and stimulate you as if it was a real physical interaction taking place. What makes it different is the fact that they’re able to stimulate your body in ways that surpass the physical experience. They can oscillate and vibrate by varying the electrical signals level and flow that you receive.

Being able to stimulate you to have several orgasms directly one after the other may seem a desirable thing. However, the reality is vastly different to the experience you may fantasise about. Losing the control over your body’s responses and your reactions to this stimulation is just one thing to consider. Another is the torture element of being subjected to a humiliating sexual assault. Where you’re artificially taken to levels of attack that go far beyond the stimulation you would receive by a physical encounter. Leading to tortuous experiences derived from a computer.

With there being an ability to hack most computer systems. It becomes obvious what horrors await us all. In a dystopian nightmare world of sexual attack by remote, anonymous even assailants. If they were to become drunk with power. What tortuous hell awaits us all.

getting back to the analysis by we see that he is referring to those that wear VR headsets and haptic feedback suits wirelessly linked together. This is where the problem lies. People are still seeing it as an external threat. When the technology already exists to make this an internal threat with no way to remove or turn off the device. Its time that everyone woke up to the threat that transhumanism is to us all. As virtual rape is real.

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