Electronic Implant Scanning, Retuning & Disabling Equipment Removed!

Electronic Implant Scanning, Retuning & Disabling Equipment Removed!

Brain Implant Chip Location

Let me take you back to the time, when I was being tortured interrogated and subjected to countless breaches of my human rights. I was tortured via electronic implant to travel around a town in the south east of England. After being kept awake for over two weeks, with just 13 hours sleep and forced to answer question after question non stop for hours on end. I was forcibly marched via electrical torture directly to my central nervous system all together who knows how many miles. With one instance being for 13 miles!

Location Of Electrodes Connected To Central Nervous System

I was subjected to countless electric shock, psychological intimidation, death threats to me, my family and friends. As well as being told that my family members had died in terrible ways and that the food I had consumed was their flesh! They also attempted to convince me that my own family were not and never were related to me. I was also subjected to direct stimulation of my entire, yes entire nervous system via electrodes and there was repeated attempts to coerce me into harming others physically.

Geneva Conventions International Criminal Courts

They were ecstatic at breaking as many Geneva conventions on rules of warfare in regards to forms of torture and treatment of a prisoner and constantly referred back to Burma and the German concentration camps of WWII in relation to what they were doing to me. They were constantly goading me to storm the military facility or go to Windsor castle and ask to meet the Queen of England, insinuating that they were inside and that I should report to the highest ranking officer of the base or to HRH QEII. With I believe the intention of blowing me up once in the base or castle via the abdominal implant which you can read about in the google document linked in another blog.

Abdominal Implant Image

Getting back to the point of this blog. I was forcibly marched via electrical torture direct to my central nervous system towards some shops where I could see a garage door with a picture painted on it. I was instructed with a shout via the electronic implant direct to my brain to think about the picture for a moment and the man’s voice they used made out that he didn’t know what it meant. I was intimidated with threats and coerced to figure out what the picture on the door meant. After I said that the picture was instructing me to go in a certain direction. I was forced in that direction with the use of torture via the electronic implant towards a nearby train station.

Location Of Electronic Implant Scanner & Equipment

At the train station entrance I saw on the street a blue cage with a perspex roof and sides. I was shouted at to think what is it for? I thought for some time and guessed that the picture on the garage door was instructing me to stand with my feet in a certain way. to stand with my feet in the shape in the picture. At a certain time of the day (which has now changed), on the wooden box (visible in the above image captured yesterday from google streetview). I did not remember the time on the garage door so was barked at to hurry up and get back to the garage door and figure it out.

Garage Door With Boots In Wrong Clock Position

As I was forced by torture and intimidation to return to the garage at the shops and barked at, as well as tortured some more via the electronic implant to think what time do you think the picture means? When I answered with a certain time. I was instructed to go back to the cage and have a look for more clues. So I walked from the shops and then past the train station entrance and saw a bag of gravel. Which confused me as to its relevance to the torture I was being subjected too.

I was going to post up a picture of an industrial sized bag of gravel here. However, I’m sure that those torturing me via the implant have watermarked all of their images that are in circulation. I know, I know… Educational use is fine

I was then told to turn round, hurry up and get going and never to come back. I then walked for some miles and was instructed to stop at the entrance gate of a residential detached property with another property next to it. I was then instructed to press the intercom buzzer and say in an Irish accent “do you want me to gravel your drive?” What on earth they hoped to achieve by this I do not know. I now believe that they wanted me to speak in an Irish accent so it would intimidate or insult someone.

Former Location Of Scanning & Disabling Equipment

The above image is of the location of the same equipment which was once installed there about 27 years ago. The image was captured yesterday from google images. If you look at where the bin is. Next to it, is some leaves and then a fence with a strange kink in it that perhaps overlaps the boundary of the property. I think that one of the fences use to be red. The scanning cage was located where the bin is now in the picture.

Close Up Of Scanners Former Location

In this close up picture of what looks to be a access cover. You can clearly see where the right part of the structure was sited on the ground, as the concrete is not as covered with green moss. The structure was secured into place with two bolts which have now been ground away leaving two round stubs visible. If you look where the left part of the structure was once placed. Next to the bottom left corner screw is another metal stub which is quite faint. Why is there screws on an access panel holding it in place? Access panels are usually kept in place by their weight.

Wide Shot Of Former Location Of Scanning Equipment

In the above picture you can see a few things of interest. Straight away there is two fresh bricks in the wall. Next you can see what I think is a British Telecommunications (British Telecom, BT?) phone line junction box to the left of the bricks. Which is a white plastic box, with a thin black cable going to the plastic pipe sticking out of the ground. On the right of the picture, is a blue cupboard with the door lock prised ajar. I did not attempt to open this cupboard, or damage it in any way. It is fixed to the ground with two visible bolts to the front.

High Shot Of Former Scanning Equipment Location
In the above picture you can see in better detail the two right hand bolts that have been ground away. Also you can see that they have raised the access panel off the ground with two courses of brickwork for some unknown reason.

Scanning, Retuning & Disabling Equipment Exposed!
The above picture was taken in March 2011 by google streetview. I am unsure when exactly the blue frame was removed. I am sure that many local residents will be able to say when this took place. You can see the structure behind the railings with a brown wooden box on the floor to stand on. Next to the blue cupboard. Why a wooden box? Please comment with your ideas for why it was wooden.

Alternative View Of Scanner Equipment Shown On Right Of Picture

I believe I’m now being used by those who tortured me via the electronic implant as bait. To entice all of you reading this to come and investigate, after the equipment has been removed. I don’t think there is anything for you to learn from finding the former location of the equipment. Perhaps if you find it, it will verify what I have said.

Close Up Of Scanning Frame Without The Brown Wooden Box As Can Be Seen In The Previous Picture

Those who continue to torture me via the electronic implant want “something to put this place on the Map” as they are sick of all the references in films etc never mentioning the location of the electronic implant scanning, retuning and disabling equipment.

The Resistance Is Now!

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