Covert Agent Exposed!?!

Covert Agent Exposed Scanning For Electronic Implants!?!

Nancy Stephens A Scanner For Electronic Implants!?!

In the following analysis of Anderson Coopers piece as aired on CNN discussing the subject of Indigo Children. There is a segway which starts at 7 minutes 4 seconds that pre-ports to show someone taking photographs of auras.  If you read my analysis and think about what is presented you will also come to the conclusion that they are really scanning for electronic implants.

If you watch from 7 minutes and 5 seconds

Anderson Cooper states that he is “going to have his Aura photographed” (by Nancy Stephens who is incidentally wearing a purple jumpsuit (lol) onesie). However, if you watch closely he also places his right and left hands onto two separate (conductive electrical discharge?) pads.
When Anderson Cooper states to the audience “I’m actually going to get my aura photographed right now”. He then says to the audience “I wanna introduce you to Nancy Stephens. A photographer who says that ‘She specialises in capturing aura’s, correct? so.'” Her answer seems to be a psychological tell, by the way that she says “correct.”

What if Nancy Stephens was actually sensing for technology such as this developed by D.A.R.P.A.

Nancy then says at 7 minutes and 20 seconds

“There’s pickup’s that will register your predominant energy centres, which translates as your aura”.
During this Nancy “a photographer” switches on a light of an unknown spectrum field. Directing it towards Anderson. There then follows a pantomime where Nancy convinces Anderson that it takes just 2 seconds for the aura photograph to be taken. When in fact it has taken her approx 10 seconds to complete a scan for electronic implants. Starting from when she says “exhale”.

You can see from watching for psychological tells from 7 minutes 37 seconds until 7 minutes 47 seconds

That she is doing something with the camera box that is sending an electrical energy from one hand plate through Andersons’ body to the other hand plate(?). The audible beeps confirms to her that the scan has been successful(?).

The electrical energy that is sent through Anderson’s body(?). Probably activates the electronic implants, to transmit a frequency which is picked up by scanners hidden inside the large camera box.
You can see that Nancy pulls out from the box a simple polaroid picture. Which, with a polaroid camera used by you or me would just take a split second to be captured.

At 7 minutes 53 seconds Nancy says “Alright”

As if communicating with another person (via an earpiece?).

Anderson then says at 7 minutes 54 seconds

“we’ll develop the photograph in a minute” not being aware of her scanning protocol. Anderson tells us that “we are waiting for the polaroid to develop” outside of the scanning camera box.

Nancy then states at 7 minutes 57 seconds

that she has been doing this since 1999! That’s correct 1999! Pre-dating the events of September the 11th 2001 by two years! So if we can conclude that Nancy works for an intelligence alphabet agency. They have known for over 15 years of this technology’s existence. Since they, by her own mouth started in 1999!

What other terrorist attacks and wars could of been prevented? Madrid 11-M 11th of March 2004, London 7th of July 2005. As well as Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria to name just those we are told about in the Main Stream Media. There’s even ‘terror attacks’ like Sandy Hook the 14th of December 2012, Auora cinema 20th of July 2012, Lee Rigby’s ‘be-heading’ in Woolwich London 22nd of May 2013, Omar J Gonzalez, White House Fence-Jumper 20th of September 2014.

So. Who, what, when, where and why? Are the questions we are left with. I think I know the answer to these questions. Although it is going to take more time on my part to get to the bottom of this. Which I intend to do in future blogs.

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The Resistance Is Now!

2 thoughts on “Covert Agent Exposed!?!

  1. Jake U. R. Ballz September 30, 2014 / 3:30 am

    You are such a f*****’ Twat. You really think you’re so important in the scheme of this nothing that government agencies would place implants in your head to control what you pass on? Jesus, son, you’re a f***** Gump. A poor, self-deluded, schizophrenic moron. Get help kid, get meds. The only thing messing up your mind is your chemical imbalance.


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