The Abdominal Exploding Implants!

Some of you reading this may remember my earlier blog about mind control implants. Found here

Well after further analysis by myself and my experience I can state that I believe that these can be used to turn humans into bombs! With compliance of the controlled person ensured via a painful vibrating abdominal implant.

The document refers to reservoirs surgically implanted into the abdomen. These reservoirs could be used to conceal explosives. With compliance of the individual concerned, gained via a battle Royale style internal, instead of external device. The battle Royale device can be seen being detonated in the video below.

With the victim concerned warned. That unless they comply, an explosion will take place and any attempt at removal of said device. Will also be met with detonation of the explosives.

This opens up a whole possibility of a new form of control. With the military, police, politicians and lawyers etc. All coerced to gain an advantage, as well as unmeasurable power over us all. Of course there is also the terrorist threat as well.

If this technology was used in a terrorist situation. There is no knowing just how many people could be sleepers and not know it. If you were to go away on holiday and be unknowingly drugged and this device surgically implanted via your rectum as mentioned in the patent document. You may never know that such a device were implanted.

Next time you’re sat on a plane. Consider just how many people get drunk when on holiday and lose track of time and lose days too. With remote detonation possible now that mobile phones work on planes.

It’s therefore easy to see that. It’s possible for a terrorist organisation, if it had volunteers with medical training. To secretly have a program to implant great sways of people, with exploding abdominal implants. Even you reading this could have one and not know it!

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