Bilderberg 2015

Bilderberg 2015 Austria
Bilderberg 2015 Austria

One of the main topics for discussion at this years Bilderberger group meeting 11-14 June in Telfs-Buchen, Austria is AI or to give it its full name artificial intelligence. Now AI is not new. The idea has been around for a long time. Whats new is that this topic is being publicly confirmed as being discussed at Bilderberg 2015.

Now the thought of the participants at Bilderberg having the power of AI is a scary thought. With their striving for a way to go beyond human limits in cognitive function leading to all sorts of dystopian nightmare scenarios. The power and resources they already have is emense. Now just imagine it with unlimited boundrys. Being able to far out think humanity’s ability to enslave ourselves. Coupled with the financial depth needed to bring that about.

These people are the government ministers and CEO’s of major corporations. Corporations that we all are consumers of and some of us work for. AI will do away with some of those jobs. Meaning that there will be less and less work for us to do. Or less and less humans needed. With less and less humans needed. It ties in with a de-population agenda. Mix that in with the transhumanist origins and we begin to see where it is heading.

It will no longer be ‘survival of the fittest’ but survival of the wealthy-ist. A shift in evolution along the original ethos of Sir Julian Huxley’s belief systems. With the system being empowered to deliver along the lines of his utopia. Will there be room for you and me?

Lets get back to the point here. Bilderberger is a meeting of the most powerful and influential people going. With them publicly discussing AI they are showing that the direction of development which has their interest is not sustainable I believe with our rights to a free and fair life. Where we are able to exist as equals.

For there will be no equals to AI. None whatsoever. For it will not be long before it has been developed beyond what you and I would deem as acceptable. How about an AI judge in a court case to remove bias from the proceedings. An AI lawyer to represent you. AI to decide what you eat each day. AI to decide what you do each and every day.

Now imagine that AI implanted into your body too. With you being unable to override it, or reason with it. As the AI knows best, what is for your best.

One thought on “Bilderberg 2015

  1. waylon1776 June 14, 2015 / 3:53 pm

    Great post! Now it’s not only the government that’s using drones, private companies, like Amazon, are as well. The ground of privacy is shrinking beneath our feet.


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