Why Russell Brand Is Allowed To Call For A Revolution

Why Russell Brand Is Allowed To Call For A Revolution

The current paradigm. That is the political system that exists to exploit and oppress us all. Is allowing Russell Brand to call for a revolution. As it has waiting in the wings, it’s own new leaders with a new paradigm to implement.

This new paradigm will be far more reaching in its methods of control and containment of individuals. It will come across as empowering the individual, while all the time secretly hiding its true intent. The intent of which is enslavement.

Enslavement via technological means, disguised as a life support system. Which in reality are torture and compliance devices. These devices are at the moment surgically implanted into individuals.

There will come a time, if not already here. That the electronic implants will be at a biological level. The level of pain and torture they exert, is beyond compare.

It is time therefore, to rise up and demand that we all are involved in a new political paradigm such as anarchy. With us each, being as involved, as we want to be.

Or not, is the question. Technology exists that enables us all, to share our views and opinions instantly. So why not enable us all to share the collective responsibility instantly too!

Too many of us look to others for leadership. When we ourselves have the answwers. We just have been conditioned, to not think or feel as a community but as individuals.

So as individuals what can we do, I hear you all ask. We can demand that we have change right now. That starts with you joining the resistance.

As the resistance is now!

This document goes into just what their technology does. Not will do, but does do! It is implanted inside of me and it is hell! Do not be fooled by the title on the document of tracking and locating people. It goes way beyond that. It is HELL!


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