The Dystopian Nightmare Is Coming

Dystopian Nightmare
Dystopian Nightmare

I have in the short time that I have been writing this blog come to a realisation. The public at large views transhumanism as science fiction. As not dangerous. Let me be perfectly clear here. It is the single most dangerous

agenda that exists. In no uncertain terms it will be the end for humanity. Not the dawning of a new utopian age but the death call to the sunset of human existence.

Our very survival is at stake here and most people see this all as some science fiction entertainment to be viewed and then put back down while we then focus on sports or soaps or any other occupier of our time. It is high time that people were now listening to those of us who are shouting from the rooftops that THIS IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW. TRANSHUMANISM IS SKYNET!

I’m warning you all about this now. In a way that hopefully is going to sink in to some of you. We need the resistance to be right now. Where is our John Connor? Are you out there? As humanity could sure as hell do with a fictional character becoming real. So as to advert the horrors that are surely to befall us all. If we all continue to view this as a science fictional dystopian form of entertainment.

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