What Has Washington D.C. & Sandhurst Got In Common?

What Has Washington D.C. & Sandhurst Got In Common?

Washington Monument

Located in Washington DC as shown in recent Main Stream Media reports are cell phone tracking towers known as Stingray. These devices are found in strategic locations dotted around the city. The same technology can also be found located approx half a mile from the officers military academy in Sandhurst, Berkshire, England.

In various reports in the MSM they state that the towers are for call monitoring or tracking of mobile phone calls using ISMI catchers. While ISMI catchers may exist and be used for the purposes stated. The true use and intention of the towers is being obfuscated, as portrayed by the investigations. Is this an example of yellow journalism?

A strawman explanation is being provided to obscure the real sinister intent of the equipments use. The tower equipment is used to locate, track and monitor individuals with the electronic implants I have mentioned in previous articles.

I was informed six years ago by an interrogator who is employed by an agency using the tracking and monitoring equipment found here.


That there are 30,000 people implanted with this technology with 300 individuals actively being monitored 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Yes that’s 30,000 people with this equipment installed covertly inside their bodies! This is just one groups figures. How many of you reading this now, have this equipment inside your body and are unaware of it? What is the total figure now?

Sandhurst ISMI Tower

The Military Industrial Complex’s stated motivation for the use of this equipment is deliberately misleading. It is implying that it is for life support reasons. When in reality it is for the forced compliance and obedience of a new generation of slaves.

The paradigm has shattered. This technology has already been used to torture and interrogate. Will you allow it to continue? What must and should be done? How do we break these slave chains?

The resistance is now!

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