Electronic Implant Scanning, Retuning & Disabling Equipment Removed!

Electronic Implant Scanning, Retuning & Disabling Equipment Removed!

Brain Implant Chip Location

Let me take you back to the time, when I was being tortured interrogated and subjected to countless breaches of my human rights. I was tortured via electronic implant to travel around a town in the south east of England. After being kept awake for over two weeks, Continue reading

Covert Agent Exposed!?!

Covert Agent Exposed Scanning For Electronic Implants!?!

Nancy Stephens A Scanner For Electronic Implants!?!

In the following analysis of Anderson Coopers piece as aired on CNN discussing the subject of Indigo Children. There is a segway which starts at 7 minutes 4 seconds that pre-ports to show someone taking photographs of auras.  If you read my analysis and Continue reading

What Has Washington D.C. & Sandhurst Got In Common?

What Has Washington D.C. & Sandhurst Got In Common?

Washington Monument

Located in Washington DC as shown in recent Main Stream Media reports are cell phone tracking towers known as Stingray. These devices are found in strategic locations dotted around the city. The same technology can also be found located approx half a mile from the officers military academy in Sandhurst, Berkshire, England. Continue reading

David Icke Q&A Electronic Implant Exposed!

David Icke Q&A Electronic Implant Exposed!

David Icke Perception Deception

In the Q&A broadcast from David Icke on the 14th of September 2014. If you listen closely at 29 minutes 52 seconds. David Icke says something unintelligible followed by “fafft don’t talk to me”. Remember David Icke lives alone! So is unlikely to be conversing with someone else in the small room he uses as his office.

Is this evidence of Continue reading

Groundbreaking Telepathy Using Internet Claim Debunked!

Groundbreaking Telepathy Using Internet Claim Debunked!

In the youtube video below it is claimed that scientists have managed to use the internet for telepathic communication.

This technology is not new. It has been around for many years. As can be seen in my recent blog about Implants. The internet is not needed for telepathy via electronic means. They use transceivers implanted in the nasal cavity of the victims. Which allows all of your thoughts, feelings and emotions to be transmitted and heard or transcripts read immediately by the torturers.