My Story

One day in May 2008 I was sat on my sofa when I heard a strange electronic noise internally. It sounded like eee oh ihh iee, as I later learned it was a transmitted wake up call. All of a sudden I heard a voice say to me that the first offer I get will be the best offer I get. It was in the voice of Alex Jones. He said that they were in China intel headquarters in Austin Texas. They kept saying it over and over in the voice of Alex Jones from info-wars. I was then subjected to questioning for two hours. Relentless over and over, again and again questions. Asking me everything about myself.


The longest time, that the questioning went on for, without sleep, was two weeks. Oh I tried to sleep believe me. I would from time to time. Go to my bed, lay down and close my eyes. Only to have a voice shout at me at volume level comparable to Concorde to get up and not to sleep. I would also be electrocuted and burnt during this time leaving no physical marks on me.

This was done by them recording various forms of nerve stimulation and then amplifying it and playing it back. With vibration and oscillation and magnetism also used leaving no physical marks. The way I believe this was done was by recording someone else’s experiences when subjected to these experiences for real. Then playing them back to me only amplified to be more painful than the real thing.

Let me explain how this works in this case I believe. Take a remote control car with a controller called A which transmits at voltage level 0.5 volts. You can quite happily play with the car. Now lets introduce controller B but it has the power to transmit 4 volts. Its signal overrides controller A quite easily. Now apply this to the recording of brain activity when exposed to various stimulants and increase the frequency or voltage to a point that is excruciating. That is what was done.

Not a day passes when I don’t feel the electrocution pain at some point and the burning pain. It was all of the time to begin with. Now it is intermittent. With the vibration having stopped. It felt like no other sensation I ever experienced. A high oscillation would take over my body and I would vibrate all over at different frequencies. They liked to target my genitals and would give me orgasm after orgasm. Controlling my body, making it respond according to their desire. They’re all drunk with power. It is the only phrase I can think of to describe how they are with me.

So I am sleep deprived, interrogated to reveal everything I ever thought or know about any and all people and situations. I was bombarded with question after question for over 2 weeks when all I could do was answer yes, no or don’t know. It occupies the space in your mind that is given over to thinking. They take no prisoners. They encourage you to do the most heinous crimes in the hope that you hurt someone. They ruined all relationships in my life by driving people away.

Before I was a Targeted Individual I use to have my own business importing new and used performance cars into the UK from Europe and Japan called Emperor Imports. I closed this business down and enrolled on a Social Work degree course at ****. However I left the course after becoming ill. Due to this implant.

It was implanted into my head without my informed knowledge and consent in Easter 2001 in Germany. When I went to the Nürburgring in my car with people I met in an internet chatroom to do with Subaru cars. One of the people worked for @@@@@@@@@ in Seattle and I overheard that he use to work for US army intelligence and had a secret meeting with @@@@@@@ when in Germany. Another person was an expert in robotics after studying at @@@@@@@@@ University who worked for @@@@@@@@ Bank and later went on to work for the Bank @@@@@@@ . These two people were very close. Always pulling away to discuss a business deal etc.

The whole trip was contrived to give the opportunity to implant the device. I was chosen because of my surname and because I am a writer of lyrics. I won’t bore you with the details. Suffice to say events were contrived to get me lost on the way there, make me miss a meal on another night, so as to enable them to operate on me and to actually stay in an annex (clinic) to the main ‘hotel’.

One day an excuse of a birthday party taking up the restaurant stopping us from getting anything to eat was used. I went to sleep that night feeling uneasy. So I put my bag behind the door to let me know if anyone entered in the night. Prior to this, one of them had asked if I had a sleeping bag at all. Anyway the next morning I woke up with my bag moved from behind the door. The phone missing from the room. The tip of my nose was really very painful. There was a lump in the roof of my mouth and to cap it all, an injection mark on my arm!

When I went down to the Ring car park. I bumped into the @@@@@@@@@ employee who was there with the @ @@@ development team who were taking telemetry for the game @@@@@@@@ @@@@@@ @@@@@@. When he saw me he said out of the blue. That’s an interesting bump on your nose. What a strange thing to just say to someone. I told him that I had been hit on the nose with a snooker cue when younger. This damage can’t be seen unless you rub along the bridge of my nose, as it is just a small chip. How did he know about the bump?

When at the Ring Carpark there was someone from the Bank Of International Settlements too. There was loads of people there from technology companies as at the time a high proportion of owners of Subaru Impreza car’s were in the Information Computer Technology and Banking world. Namely the writers of the software for online banking and investment bankers etc. So I was mixing with people far above my pay grade why would they have an interest in me. This should of raised alarm bells, perhaps not, as we were all into performance cars.

I came back to the UK and forgot about what had happened in Germany for some time. Only years later realising that the lump in my mouth was really there. That there was an explanation for what had happened to me. As to why I was now hearing voices and experiencing pain. I then turned to investigation and discovered this document which goes into convoluted detail and uses language which obfuscates its true nature. It is a torture compliance two-way communication device.

When they were torturing me with burns and electrocution they insisted that it was satellites doing this to me. I do not believe this to be true. It is a device connected directly to the nervous system implanted via the nasal cavity. Which plays back any form of tortuous stimulation they target you with.

As a consequence of this. I have been labelled as mentally ill with paranoid schizophrenia and have been forcibly admitted to hospital several times. I have pleaded with the doctors to do some simple X-rays to detect the device and show the entry points to no avail and my rights have been trampled on. If it has happened to me then it could happen to you too! I was in my late 30’s when they diagnosed me as mentally ill. Most mental illness presents before the age of 25. I refute their diagnosis and if you can assist me in getting examinations done via the nhs to locate the devices, to please get in touch.

7 thoughts on “My Story

  1. Twila March 9, 2016 / 3:09 am

    Need to know who you are please allow me to ask you some questions.thank you


  2. Cory Rider January 1, 2017 / 5:19 am

    We’re you ever gang stalked or subjected to street theater? How about social isolation?


    • Ian January 2, 2017 / 2:05 pm

      I was gang stalked for a while and was subjected to street theatre as well.


  3. jerry November 15, 2017 / 10:40 pm

    why are some of us targeted and not all of us. are families involved or mind controlled to harass you?


    • Ian November 24, 2017 / 4:05 pm

      Hi Jerry, They can only manage so many of us. It would be pretty hard to put implants in everyone and monitor them closely.


  4. Nan January 25, 2018 / 2:35 am

    Gs victim here. At least ten years Son victim as well. Now labeled schizo with temporal love seizures.My partner was murdered by microwave and other weapons. How can u get these crazy stalkers to stop???


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